NFL Sunday Ticket

Looking for a place to come and watch your favorite team play or just want to have a bite to eat or a beer while the game is on?

Head on down to the Burning Bridge Tavern. We feature TV screens including a giant 15 foot screen and we have the NFL Sunday Ticket so you will be able to watch every snap that your team plays. Whether you are a fan of the Seattle Seahawks or the Pittsburgh Steelers your team’s game will be on! While there you can enjoy the same appetizers and entrees that you love. Nothing goes better with football than our mesquite meats!

Our 15-foot screen will give you the experience of being at the game without all of the hassles like parking and paying for $10 beers. We offer anything from delicious appetizers like nachos and loaded fries to delicious entrees like burgers and quesadillas that will have you sticking around for the next game and coming back for more next time.

Why sit in your living room and have to worry about cleaning up spilled beer and food? Let us do the cooking for you! Enjoy the game with the family or with friends or just stop in to grab a beer. We have every game on Thursday, Sunday and Monday so even if you miss one we won’t!