Fast Lane

Fast Lane


“Fast Lane”, the perfect way to describe this high energy modern country group. From the powerful vocal, to the screaming guitar, this group of musicians are a force to be reckoned with. There upbeat country/southern rock sound is one that is unrivaled by anyone around. With their ever growing fan base and addition of new shows everyday, look out for this crew as they climb their way to the top!

With the current new release of the “EP” Album “Green Horse Lounge” Fast Lane is making strides to contend with bands of the highest caliber around. The title track “Green Horse Lounge” has been “trending” on for several weeks, and was recently featured on Y102 FM’s “Home Brewed” radio program.

“We hope to continue entertaining people everywhere we go, and meeting new friends along the way. Keep your eyes and ears open, because were headed your way in the Fast Lane”

Country Dun Right!

June 10 @ 20:00

8:00 pm

– 11:00 pm