We are a family-friendly neighborhood tavern that loves barbeque. Kids can draw on chalk walls, live entertainment four nights a week, and great food!

The décor is industrial honky-tonk. We’re sure we can find something to satisfy your appetite. We use only the freshest ingredients from local producers because we know what tastes good and so do you. You’ll be stuffed on the good stuff, grown right here. Try one of our Firestarters or one of our Signature Burgers and you’ll see exactly what we mean. We’ve got other selections such as Chicken Sandwiches and Homemade Soups that will definitely put those hunger flames out.

110813051We have a large selection of our favorite beers to choose from. These beers are some of the finest we’ve tasted and we think you’ll agree. Pick one or two to try and let us know what you think. In addition to the beers, we also have signature drinks made with the finest top shelf alcohols. If you go home thirsty…it’s your own fault! Local bands perform here weekly. We want to keep the atmosphere alive and kickin’ here. What better way than to bring in some local bands to kick things up a notch?

Here at the Burning Bridge we offer plenty of things to keep you stuffed and entertained! From our newly opened deck to our on site smoked pork and beef, you are sure to find something to enjoy during your visit. We have CornHole up on the deck, Live Music, Open Mic Nights, and Tournament Quality Pool Tables.

The Burning Bridge Tavern at one time was called The Hometown, a place where the people of Wrightsville could come to enjoy an ice cold beer. In 2008 a fire completely destroyed The Hometown. A little less than four years later in March of 2012, the bar opened back up. Only this time it was called the Burning Bridge Tavern. 108 Hellam Street  was renovated, redecorated, and new staff was brought in. We now have a beautiful, rustic, family friendly restaurant and bar that we hope everyone can enjoy!