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  • The Mixed Nutz Band – Dec 19th

    Dec 2014
    - 8:00pm -

    MixedNutzMessageLogoThe Mixed Nutz are a variety band with a combined 125 years of performing live music view details

  • The Hep Cats – Dec 26th

    Dec 2014
    - 8:00pm -

    The Hepcats will perform at The Maryland Wine Festival.When one thinks of rockabilly, one may think 40’s, 50’s rebels who got a hold of a guitar along with too much energy. It was a counter culture lifestyle of pompadour haircuts, fast cars, and heart-breakers with ruby red lips no man could touch. Over the years, rockabilly took many turns, changed hands, was lost then found and yet somehow, retained that intrigue with a hint a danger and rebellion still left in. view details

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  • Heather Baker Foundation Ride for Pauline Forbes – Sept. 28th


    Breast Cancer is still a serious problem, even in today’s day and age. It’s literally the second leading cause of death in women worldwide. Each year over 220,000 women in the United States alone will be diagnosed.  Heather Baker was one such woman. However, she was strong and she never gave up against the fight against Breast Cancer, although sadly she could hold on no longer.

     Pauline Forbes is another fighter, who is also the lovely woman in the top left corner. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and it has metastasized to her brain, bones and lungs. She has currently undergone radiation treatments and will be starting a clinical trial in the next couple of weeks. She is a fighter so we are hoping that the trial helps her battle this awful disease! As you can see, we are more than proud to support the foundation in their fight to end breast cancer. Read more

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